Nov 09

Caspian Technical Training Centre News

Posted by Marketing on Wednesday 9th November 2016

The Caspian Technical Training Centre (CTTC) in Azerbaijan has been using Simulation models supplied by TSC for over ten years. Originally sited in a building on the outskirts of the Sangachal Oil Terminal, the facility has recently been relocated to a new location on the site of the former ‘Hotel California’ nearer to Baku.

In the past, TSC had supplied several separate systems with full emulated process models of large pieces of plant, including an offshore platform, and onshore reception and processing facilities. In the new set up, three of these previous deliveries required combining onto a single set of hardware, for a single trainer to be responsible for them

The visit involved completing the setup of the PCs, and giving their new custodian some lessons in how to use the system to its full potential, including instruction about how to create detailed training scenarios, and the use of the Hardware Alarm Panel Mimic which is part of the system. Although this suite of models was first delivered several years ago, BP are seeking to keep their control room operators up to speed by doing refresher training, hence the new lease of life for the simulator. TSC are of course happy to continue to support them in this activity