Oct 25

The Future of Training for the Gas & Oil Industry

Posted by Marketing on Tuesday 25th October 2016

The latest developments in training and simulation strategies for the gas and oil industry are increasingly becoming a hot topic for discussion. The prime objective for training in the gas and oil industry is to optimise production with minimal downtime and no environmental, health or safety consequences. Dynamic simulation has long been a cost effective tool for process training and now with the ability to add 3D imagery and immersive environments to the training portfolio, the future in dynamic simulation is even more exciting and offers a more a cost enhanced training capability to achieve those prime objectives.

TSC Simulation, ExxonMobil and EON Reality Inc have collaborated to produce a fully immersive 3D operator training simulator, using the latest technologies. Combining TSC’s unique dynamic process training simulations with EONs latest virtual reality displays, such as the EON Icube, a four walled immersive room, the EON Ibench Mobile and HTC Vive it brings a whole new level to Operator training, enabling training in a realistic, safe and controlled environment.

The complex applications and models include interactive 3D objects such as rotating valves, push buttons, natural gestures and active gauges as well as potential for enhanced 4D sensory conditions including vibration and wind simulation.

Both companies attended the 2nd European Oil and Gas Training and Simulation Forum hosted by NRG Events in June, where TSC’s Managing Director, Michael Bolton headed talks on the future of training for the gas and oil industry, what’s next in technology and application for the future of simulation as well as demonstrating the latest interactive 3D software. It was an informative few days which brought together world leaders in the process industry discussing the latest technologies and the future of dynamic process simulation training for their companies.

If you would like more information on how dynamic process simulation can assist your operator training needs please contact Lyndsey Done