Feb 24

Industrial Placements for Degree Students

Posted by Marketing on Wednesday 24th February 2016

TSC Simulation is proud to have a long established relationship with the Chemical Engineering Department at Loughborough University, regularly offering Industrial placements to their students.

Industrial placements offer huge advantages to students as the skills and knowledge they acquire whilst in industry can enrich their experience of education as well as also giving them invaluable insight into the working environment. One of our current students, Jeff has a few words to say on how he is finding his placement here at TSC:

TSC regularly offers placements to students wishing to undertake a year in industry. This year, I am one of two placement students employed at TSC after having completed 2 years of a Chemical Engineering degree at Loughborough University.

I have found that TSC offers a friendly working environment while allowing me to gain valuable experience and industry awareness. The work primarily involves building simulations of real industrial plants on desktop computers which can be operated in real time. So far I have been involved in building a model of a natural gas processing and oil production plant for BP. I am currently building a model of a LNG production plant.

I would strongly encourage any interested students who are currently in their second or third year of a Chemical Engineering or similar degree to do an industrial placement.

For more information please contact l.done@tscsimulation.co.uk