Leonardo da Vinci Project

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A European Commission funded project to create a European Reference Model for Chemical Plant Operators

TSC is a lead partner with one of the 21 organisations from 9 countries, that have been working together to develop a European Reference Model (ERM) to map the education and training of control room operators in the chemical and process industries throughout Europe. This ambitious project funded at €750,000 under the EC Leonardo da Vinci Scheme, has been aimed at promoting transnational employment and training. It is an important step in bringing down barriers to enable companies in the chemical industry throughout Europe to access qualified staff regardless of language barriers or country of origin.

The aim of the project is to develop a common framework for initial and ongoing training of a control room operator in the chemical and process industries. The target  is to match this with existing national frameworks, for example, in the UK the resulting framework exactly matches the NVQ level 3 standard, whilst in Germany it matches 'Chemikant' qualification to within 99%.

Michael Bolton, Managing Director of TSC said "The framework will become the first step towards wide acceptance of transferable European training standards for all operators in chemical process plants. It is an opportunity for everyone everyone involved in training and competence assessment to review and refine their training objectives. Our software will play an important part in making this happen."

Our software has undergone additional development to become an important tool to assist training providers in covering those aspects of the new ERM that include both underpinning knowledge and initial operation of the process plant. TSC provides software to cover many aspects of the ERM that can be taught or measured using simulation.

The first outcome of the project was to describe the framework tasks in a an easily understood, multi-language format. The resulting 'Leonardo Wheel' is available for download using the link below and allows the task list to be explored from the 14 major tasks to each sub-task. It also defines the knowledge, skill, and competence of each sub-task.

You may select your European language to view the wheel using the country flag within its menu bar

To view the interactive wheel please follow the Dropbox link here -  Leonardo Wheel