Absorption Column Simulation 3410

Absorption Column Simulation 3410 is a multi page model showing a sour gas sweetening column. The column used for the separation is a packed column. With sour gas introduced at the bottom and lean amine liquid introduced at the top.

As the liquid and gas are contacted in the column H2S and CO2 are removed from the gas and absorbed by the liquid. Composition of the inlet and outlet gas are monitored.

The gas stream has knockout vessels on both the column feed and exit streams. The knockout in both of these vessels is level controlled.

The flow of gas into the system is controlled by a flow controller and the pressure of the system is controlled by varying the flow of gas out of the system.

The flow of amine is controlled independently by a flow controller allowing the effect of using more or less amine to be investigated. The level of rich amine liquid held in the column sump is controlled by a level controller varying the flow of liquid leaving the column.

A second screen is accessed using a higher level password access to show detailed information about what is happening on each of the theoretical equilibrium stages within the column.

This screen has graphical displays for each theoretical equilibrium stage for the following variables,


Concentration H2S,

Concentration CO2,

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to the gas and liquid transfer.
  • Introduction to packed columns.
  • Ability to study column operation.
  • Ability to study column product optimisation.
  • Ability to study advanced column operation using internal column data.


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