Advanced Reactor - Batch Simulation 4501

Model Description

The TSC SIM 4501 – Advanced Reactor - Batch shows a batch reactor carrying out a simple exothermic reaction. The simulation is set up in a manner that encourages the trainee to think about the impact of process conditions and reaction yield on the economics of the process.

The model contains a process economic page for the reactor which gives information about the cost of reagents, common utilities and plant over heads and the value of the product.

The reactor has temperature control and pressure, level and flow indication allowing the trainee to specify and control operating and feed conditions in order to achieve maximum yields.

The composition of the fluid within the reactors is also viewable (controlled by the trainer) allowing the progress of the reaction to be observed.

For more advanced use the model contains details on the reactions to allow the calculation of the best operating conditions. These conditions can also be found through a process of trial and improvement.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to batch reactions.
  • Practical introduction to process economics and optimisation both through calculation and trial and improvement.
  • Description of homogeneous (liquid phase) reactions.
  • Introduces more advanced reaction mechanisms including competing reactions and optimising process conditions to favour one reaction over another.


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