Basic Furnace Simulation 3230

Model Description

TSC Sim 3230 Crude Oil Furnace Simulation shows a furnace being used to heat a process flow of crude oil. The furnace can be run on either a supply of fuel gas or a supply of fuel oil atomised using steam.

The combustion air for the furnace is compressed and then pre heated using the combustion chamber flue gas.

The furnace includes a full emergency shutdown and ignition system.

The temperature of the product crude oil is controlled by varying the supply of fuel through cascade control.

The excess oxygen amount in the flue gas is controlled by varying the combustion air supply to the furnace.

The pressure in the flue is controlled by varying the amount of flue gas passed through the combustion air heat exchanger.

The flow of process crude oil is controlled by a flow controller.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to heat exchange.
  • Ability to study the effect of different fuel types to the furnace.
  • Ability to study feed-back control.
  • Ability to study cascade control.


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