Binary Column Simulation 3400

Model Description

TSC Sim 3400 Binary Column Simulation is a multipage model showing a benzene/toluene separation column. The model consists of a 32 tray column with the feed introduced on tray 16.

Heat is introduced to the system via a thermo-siphon hot oil driven reboiler. This drives a flow of gas up through the column.

The multiphase top product is cooled and passed to a separation vessel where any remaining gas can be vented and the liquid product once pumped can either be taken as product or returned to the column as reflux. The reflux ratio can be set to alter the product quality.

The main page shows what a process operator would see when operating this column. Showing all the indicators and controllers used to run the column.

The temperature of the fluid passing through the reboiler heat exchanger is controlled with a temperature controller varying the flow of hot oil to the exchanger.

The level of liquid in the sump is level controlled by varying the flow of product. At the top of the column is a cooling water heat exchanger.

A second screen has been added using a higher level password access to show detailed information about what is happening on each of the trays within the column.

This screen has graphical displays for each tray for the following variables,

Tray Pressure,

Tray Temperature,

Tray Liquid Level,

Tray Downward Liquid Flow,

Tray Upward Gas Flow.

A numerical display is then given for the amount of each component in the gas and liquid phase of each tray. Also displayed is the relative volatility of component. This allows detailed energy, mass balance and phase change calculations to be carried and tested.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to the principles of gas and liquid separation.
  • Introduction to phase change.
  • Ability to study heat and mass balance.
  • Ability to study column operation.
  • Ability to study reflux control.
  • Ability to study re-boiler control.
  • Ability to study column product optimisation.
  • Ability to study advanced column operation using internal column data.


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