Drained Tanks Simulation 3610

Drained Tanks Simulation 3610 is a single page model showing a pair of tanks.

One of the tanks is used to store water the other oil. The level in each tank is controlled by a pressure controller controlling a valve on the feed to the vessel. The level in the vessel is also displayed using a standard level transmitter. The product from each tank is pumped away using a variable speed pump.

The model is used to demonstrate a number of the properties of the liquids in the two tanks. Using the pressure at the bottom of the tank to measure level allows a demonstration of the different densities of the liquids and pumping away from the tanks with 2 identical pumps allows the user to see the effect of the viscosity of the liquids.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to liquid properties.
  • Introduction to liquid density.
  • Introduction to liquid viscosity.                   


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