Offshore Oil and Gas Platform Simulation 5100

Model Description

The TSC Sim 5100 Offshore Oil And Gas Platform Simulation is a full process simulation showing all elements of oil and gas recovery in an offshore platform.

This model can be used for all levels of training in offshore operations from introducing and learning the basics of each area of an offshore platform through to advanced training of problem solving and fault finding, when parts of the plant malfunction.

The integrated fire and gas system also allows the model to be used for Major Emergency Management (MEM) training.

Major areas included in the model:

  • Well heads,
  • Manifold System,
  • 3 Phase Separation System, including Test Separator,
  • Oil Pumping,
  • Oil Metering, Oil Pipeline with ability to PIG,
  • Gas Compression,
  • Gas Dehydration, with Glycol,
  • Gas Metering,
  • Glycol Regeneration System,
  • Waste Water Treatment System,
  • Drain System,

Utilities including:

  • Fuel Gas Let Down,
  • Power Generation Turbines,
  • Compressor Driver Turbine,
  • Waste Heat Recovery System,
  • Hot Oil System,
  • Instrument Air System,
  • Fire Water System,
  • Sea Water Lift System,
  • Water Injection System.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to the principles of gas and liquid separation.
  • Introduction to liquid / vapour equilibrium.
  • Ability to study the effect of temperature, pressure and flow rate on separation efficiency.
  • Introduction to pressure protection systems.
  • Ability to study level and pressure control.
  • Ability to study feed forward and feed back control.
  • Introduction through to advanced operation of plant utilities
  • Introduction through to advanced operation of an offshore Platform


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