Reciprocating Compressor Simulation 3310

Reciprocating Compressor Simulation 3310 shows a motor driven compression system compressing hydrocarbon gas. Gas is passed through a suction scrubber before being compressed and cooled then passed to a discharge vessel.

The reciprocating compressor has the ability to run in loaded or unloaded modes allowing compression to be carried out in one or two chambers. The compressor also has a pocket allowing the volume of the non-swept compression chamber to be altered.

The model is multipage with an overview, then detail pages on the suction scrubber, compressor and discharge vessel. The compressor page includes a fin/fan after cooler.

Composition of the product gas can be monitored all the way through the system.

The suction and discharge vessels both have their levels controlled using gap controllers.

The suction and discharge vessels are also both pressure controlled by varying the flow in and out of the system respectively.

The flow of gas through the compressor is controlled by varying the compressor motor speed.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to the principles of gas and liquid separation.
  • Introduction to gas compression.
  • Introduction to compressor control.
  • Introduction to pressure control.
  • Introduction to gap control.
  • Introduction to feedback control.
  • Ability to study the various operational states of a reciprocating compressor.


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