Reciprocating Pump Simulation 3330

Reciprocating Pump Simulation 3330 shows a tank with a variable feed supply of water. Water from the tank is pumped away by two reciprocating pumps in parallel, each pump has a discharge buffer vessel.

Each pump has a suction and discharge valve with a start permissive interlock system to teach correct pump operation.

The pumps also have a discharge over pressure protection system feeding back water to the hold vessel, when too high discharge pressure is reached.

The feed flow of water is controlled by a hand valve.

The level in the vessel is controlled by a cascade level control system. The signal from the level controller can either be used to directly control the speed of the pumps or can be used to drive a flow controller, controlling a valve on the outlet liquid line.

The minimum flow recycle flow is controlled by a flow controller on the pumps discharge.

The outlet pressure of the system can be varied to test the pumps performance.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to the principles of liquid transfer.
  • Introduction to liquid head.
  • Introduction to pump control.
  • Introduction to level/flow control.
  • Introduction to cascade control.
  • Introduction to feedback control.
  • Ability to study the operation of a centrifugal pump.


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