Refrigeration System Simulation 4400

Model Description

The TSC SIM 4400 – Refrigeration System shows a classic refrigeration cycle containing compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation as found in fridges, air conditioning units and industrial process around the world.

The model contains a speed controlled positive displacement compressor, evaporator, heat exchanger, accumulator vessel and multiple level and pressure controllers.

The heat load from the process fluid can be adjusted showing how the system responds to maintain the process temperature.

The process can be fully stopped and started showing how the system responds to changes well beyond normal operating conditions.

For advanced use the model includes graphs of pressure-enthalpy and pressure-volume allowing the illustration of the thermodynamic properties of a refrigeration system.

Learning Areas

  • Illustration of how a classic refrigeration cycle works and responds to changes in heat load and operating conditions.
  • Introduction to the operation of a refrigeration cycle and a practical demonstration of how the system works including a positive displacement compressor and an evaporator.
  • Shows the relationship between pressure, temperature and boiling point and a demonstration of how these relationships are used.
  • The model can be used to illustrate the difference between ideal and real systems and as an introduction to the thermodynamic changes within the process.


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