Separation Train Simulation 4110

Model Description

Representative of a typical oil and gas separation train that is seen on a typical oil terminal both on and offshore.

Shows how crude oil feedstock’s are initially separated into separate gas and liquid streams.

The model contains 5 crude oil wells, test separator, High Pressure, Medium Pressure three phase separators and a Low Pressure booted three phase separator.

A fully functional Emergency shutdown system, with Blow down, Pressure Relief, full Process shutdown, Red and Yellow Shutdown capabilities

The process can be fully stopped and started showing how the system responds to changes well beyond normal operating conditions.

Full composition analysis for each stream on the plant.

Learning Areas

  • Allows a basic introduction into how well management can affect downstream operations.
  • Usage of test separators for process optimisation.
  • Illustrates a typical process layout for an oil and gas separation train.
  • Illustrates a typical control philosophy for an oil and gas separation train.
  • Shows the relationship between pressure, temperature, boiling point on stream composition.


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