Simple Desalination Simulation 3240

Model Description

TSC Sim 3240 Simple Desalination Simulation shows the typical arrangement found in a simple desalination unit. Brine is passed into a kettle type heat exchanger, this brine is heated with low pressure steam to cause the water to evaporate. The evaporated water is then cooled and condensed to provide desalinated water. The strong brine is then released.

The level of the brine held in the evaporation vessel is controlled by varying the exit flow of strong brine.

Both the brine feed and low pressure steam flow are controlled by varying their feed valve positions.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to phase change.
  • Introduction to heat exchange.
  • Introduction to 2 phase separation.
  • Introduction to pressure change.
  • Ability to study level control.
  • Ability to study feed-back control.


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