TEG Gas Dehydration Simulation 4210

Model Description

The TSC SIM 4210 TEG Gas Dehydration is a fully integrated TEG (Triethylene glycol) gas dehydration and regeneration system including an ESD (emergency shut-down) system.

The model shows an industry standard design for a TEG system with the lean TEG running through a contactor to strip water out of a natural gas stream. The water is then removed from the rich TEG stream through a process of hot distillation where the water is removed as steam and the TEG is recycled back into the dehydration column.

The model contains heat recovery to reduce the heating load on the regenerator re-boiler and the cooling load on the lean TEG feed to the dehydration column.

All unit operations are fully dynamic allowing investigation of the effect of process changes and optimisation.

The design shows a widely used dehydration package and can be used to show how a standard TEG system is used including start-up and shut-down.

The ESD system is fully interactive stopping the system from entering potentially dangerous states and includes a matrix style cause and effect display, overrides and executive action.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to a fully functional TEG system similar to examples used in industry.
  • Introduces the idea of a reusable chemical that can be regenerated and reused to reduce cost.
  • Allows process optimisation exercises and allows the trainee to investigate the effect of changing process conditions.
  • Shows the trainee how combining a set of unit operations produces a useful system and shows how process interaction can affect process control.
  • When used with a trainer the model can test a trainees reaction to external process changes, alarm handling, fault finding, and resolution.


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