Three Phase Separator Simulation 3110

Model Description

The TSC Sim 3110 Three Phase Separator Simulation shows a vessel containing an internal weir being fed a hydrocarbon and water mixture. Within the vessel the hydrocarbon and water mixture is allowed to split into its gas and two liquid phases.

Due to gravity the more dense water phase separates from the less dense oil phase with the oil flowing over the weir and the water staying on the feed side of the weir.

The model allows the user to control the feed rate and to monitor the liquid and gas phase compositions to learn about the effect of temperature, pressure and flow rate on the separation achieved.

The feed to the separator can be from either or both of 2 wells.

The flow of the feed is controlled by a choke valve from the wells.

The level of liquid in both compartments of the vessel is controlled by varying the liquid exit flows from the vessel.

The pressure is in the vessel is controlled by varying the flow of the product gas.

The vessel also has an over pressure protection system including a pressure relief and blow down valve.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to the principles of gas and liquid separation.
  • Introduction to gravity based liquid/liquid separation.
  • Introduction to liquid and vapour equilibrium.
  • Ability to study the effect of temperature, pressure and flow rate on separation efficiency.
  • Introduction to pressure protection systems.
  • Ability to study level and pressure control.
  • Ability to study feed-back control.


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