Vacuum Column Simulation 4320

Model Description

The TSC SIM 4320 Vacuum Column introduces the idea of running a distillation column at a reduced pressure allowing the separation of heavier fractions at a reduced temperature.

The model contains a similar set-up to the Crude Column with a gas fired furnace, multiple product take off, condensation and top product reflux.

The vacuum generation system is driven by three steam powered ejectors working in series to maintain a pressure well below atmospheric.

The model setup allows the trainee to investigate the effect reducing the pressure has on a distillation column, showing how the heating requirement, temperature and component splits are affected.

As with most models in the 4000 range the Vacuum Column can be fully shutdown and restarted and can be optimised by the trainee.

For more advanced use the model contains display of the tray to tray conditions (pressure, temperature, liquid level etc) the K values for each component on each tray and the liquid composition for each component on each tray. This allows a trainee to get a better understanding of what happens within a column.

Learning Areas

  • Practical introduction to running a distillation column at a reduced pressure.
  • Introduction to vacuum generation by ejectors.
  • Details of what is happening within the column on a tray to tray basis including composition, pressure and temperature changes.
  • Building on existing understanding of unit operation including condensation, furnace, distillation columns including reflux control and steam condensation.


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