The number of Chemical and Process Engineering applicants both in the UK and globally is rising and the demand for new technologically advanced teaching is ever increasing.

The process industries need engineers, not only have excellent theoretical knowledge, but also good grounding in real-world applications.

What can we do for you?

TSC Simulation have been working closely with Universities to create tailored software and hardware packages. These have been fully integrated into undergraduate Chemical and Process Engineering courses and can be used for many others.

The video below demonstrates  what we have done for Loughborough University. We supplied a 3D Virtual Reality Simulation of a Natural Gas Compressor System. The 3D simulation is driven by a dynamic process simulator and is operated remotely from a control room. The control room also has a number of other dynamic process simulations.

How could it fit into your course?

Our software can be used in many different subject areas throughout the undergraduate degree process. This gives complete continuity throughout the course and means that students can use the same tools to learn about many different aspects of Chemical Engineering. This element of reusability means that you get maximum value out of a single investment. The types of subject areas that we can add value to are:

  • Process Control
  • Process Safety
  • Plant Design
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics
  • Plant Operations
  • Plant Automation and Mechatronics

Students can underpin their theoretical knowledge by applying it in simulated real world scenarios.

How can this be achieved?

There are many ways to improve the learning experiance, these include but are not limited to:

These solutions are scalable to your needs and can go from full virtual control room to small computer labs.

Students will gain experience in plant operation via control room DCS screens and exposed to emergency shutdown and alarm systems like those present on real life plant.

Helping today's students be tomorrows management.