TSC Simulation
Dynamic Process Simulation for basic and advanced operator training and dynamic process plant verification

Standard Generic Model Range

TSC's SimCreate generic model range


Supply Options: Simulations below may be supplied as individual models against the numbers shown or can be supplied as sets. please contact us to discuss requirements. 



  • Introduction Models - SIM 1000 Series 


SIM 1100          Bath Time

SIM 1110          Pumped Tanks

SIM 1120          Gas Separator

SIM 1121          Gas Separator with Level Control

SIM 1130          Bread Maker

SIM 1131          Bread Maker with Symbol Graphics

SIM 1140          Valves and their Characteristics








Enlarge ImageTNG SIM 1100 Bath Time
SIM 1100 Bath Time
  • Basic Control Loops- SIM 2000 Series


SIM 2100          Level Control Loop

SIM 2101          Feed Back Level Control

SIM 2102          Cascade Level Control                            

SIM 2103          Gap Level Control

SIM 2104          Feed Forward Level Control

SIM 2105          Feed Forward and Feed Back Level Control

SIM 2106          Ratio Level Control

SIM 2107          Ratio and Cascade Level Control 

SIM 2108          Selective Level Control

SIM 2109          Split Range Level control 


SIM 2200          Pressure Control Loop

SIM 2201          Feed Back Pressure Control

SIM 2202          Cascade Pressure Control

SIM 2203          Gap Pressure Control

SIM 2204          Feed Forward Pressure Control

SIM 2205          Feed Forward and Feed Back Pressure Control

SIM 2206          Ratio Pressure Control

SIM 2207          Ratio and Cascade Pressure Control

SIM 2208          Selective Pressure Control

SIM 2209          Split Range Pressure Control


SIM 2300          Temperature Control Loops

SIM 2301          Feed Back Temperature Control

SIM 2302          Cascade Temperature Control

SIM 2303          Feed Forward Temperature Control

SIM 2304          Bypass Temperature Control



Enlarge ImageTNG SIM 2101 Feed Back Level Control
SIM 2101 Feed Back Level Control
  • Vessels and Separators- SIM 3100 Series


SIM 3100          2 Phase Separator

SIM 3101          2 Phase Separator with Flow Control 

SIM 3110          3 Phase Separator

SIM 3120          Nitrogen Blanketed Vessel

SIM 3130          Slug Catcher *



Enlarge Image3110 Three Phase Separator
SIM 3110 Three Phase Separator
  • Exchangers and Heaters- SIM 3200 Series


SIM 3200          Condenser

SIM 3210          Evaporator

SIM 3220          Shell and Tube Exchanger

SIM 3221          Co-Current Shell and Tube * 

SIM 3222          Counter- Current Shell and Tube *

SIM 3223          Multi-Pass Counter Current Shell and Tube *

SIM 3230          Basic Furnace

SIM 3240          Simple Desalination *





Enlarge ImageTNG SIM 3220 Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
SIM 3220 Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Rotating Machinery - SIM 3300 Series


SIM 3300         Centrifugal Compressor

SIM 3301         Centrifugal Compressor Fixed Speed

SIM 3302         Centrifugal Compressor Variable Speed

SIM 3303         Centrifugal Compressor with Pipeline

SIM 3304         Two Stage Centrifugal Compressor

SIM 3310         Reciprocating Compressor

SIM 3320         Centrifugal Pump

SIM 3330         Reciprocating Pump 

SIM 3340         Basic Gas Turbine *





Enlarge ImageTNG SIM 3300 Centrifugal Compressor
SIM 3300 Centrifugal Compressor
  • Columns and Reactors- SIM 3400 Series


SIM 3400        Binary Column Benzene/Toluene

SIM 3410        Absorption Column

SIM 3420        Batch Reactor *

SIM 3430        CSTR *









  • Physical Properties- SIM 3600 Series


SIM 3610       Drained Tanks   




Enlarge ImageTNG SIM 3400 Binary Column Benzene/Toluene
SIM 3400 Binary Column Benzene/Toluene
  • Desktop Hardware Systems and Models 


IPC201c Process Trainer

SIM 9201     TSC Model of SMC 201c main Unit for stand-alone use

SIM 921x     DCS interfacefor SMC 201c main unit

SIM 9221     TSC model of SMC 201c main unit with filling and storage sections

SIM922x      DCS interface for SMC 201c main unit with filling and storage sections


TPS 200 Three Phase Separator

SIM 9241   TSC model of TPS 200 Three Phase Separator for stand-alone use

SIM 9251   DCS interface for the TPS 200 Three Phase Separator.



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