TSC Simulation's  process simulation models are designed for basic and advanced learning and competence assessment. 

They are widely used in colleges and training centres worldwide. Their engineering fidelity, including full thermodynamic integrity with heat and mass balance means that they are also used extensively for plant and control system verification.

From individual process items to complete production systems they are all suitable for running stand alone, in classrooms, in our Virtual Control Room for teamwork training and now with the ability to connect to the 3D environment.

The major features and benefits of the TSC simulation models and systems are:

  • Runs on standard PCs using Windows with standard network connectivity
  • Uses industry proven accurate mathematical algorithms for modelling
  • There are no third party licencing costs- TSC provides lifetime licencing
  • Runs on individual PCs, networked classroom or Virtual Control Room
  • Suitable for OPITO certified courses, including OIM Emergency Management level
  • Dynamic response (typically 10mS iterative looping) allows full performance checks on compressor anti-surge and other rapid response control systems
  • Site Specific simulation systems can use full emulations of most available DCS interfaces.