3D Virtual Reality Operator Training Simulator

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Fully Immersive 3D Virtual Reality Operator Training Simulator.

The prime objective for training in the gas and oil industry is to optimise production with minimal downtime and no environmental, health or safety consequences. TSC Simulations innovative technology incorporates ultra-realistic 3D immersive virtual reality in combination with a high fidelity dynamic simulator. 

This combination enables effective training to take place in a safe and controlled environment. This is a multi-levelled training approach with a Control Room Operator working alongside an outside operator. 

The Challenge:

As new process systems are more mechanically robust and reliable, most accidents can be blamed on human error. A big factor in that is the communication between the control room and outside operators. This issue coupled with the growing skills gap means retiring experienced workers need to be replaced with younger people with the same skills to maintain high safety performance and plant reliability.

TSC have a range of 3D process simulators including, but not limited to:

  • Centrifugal Compressor 
  • Three Phase Separator
  • Tank Farm

Dynamic Simulation has long been a cost-effective tool for process training and now with the ability to add 3D imagery and immersive environments to the training portfolio, the future of dynamic simulation is even more exciting and offers a more enhanced training capability to achieve those prime objectives.


  • The complex applications and models include interactive 3D objects such as rotating valves, push buttons (emergency shutdown and UCP package buttons), natural gestures and active DCS gauges
  • During the training scenarios, both the DCS panel operator and the field operator have the opportunity to train together in the same environment
  • TSC can supply these simulations on a number of 3D hardware options to match budget requirements. These include Vive headsets, Igloo domes and EON Ibench and Icube and Mobile


  • Combining TSC’s unique dynamic process training simulations with the latest virtual reality displays and the HTC Vive it brings a whole new level to Operator training, enabling training in a realistic, safe and controlled environment
  • Trainee participation increases understanding and knowledge retention.
  • Plant operators and engineers gain valuable hands on training.
  • Learn by doing, without the hazards
  • The immersive 3D environment is a very close replica of an operating plant.
  • The Immersive 3D Operator Training Simulator technology is the latest demonstration of how scientists and researchers at EMRQ are committed to helping Qatar and other global ExxonMobil partners supply the world with much needed energy, while improving environmental and operational performance of production facilities.