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Dynamic simulation is a proven tool for successful engineering from design validation during Front End Engineering Design (FEED) all the way through to decommissioning of full process plants.

The TSC dynamic system software uses engineering quality, high fidelity multi-component, thermo-dynamic modelling for all our models, right across the range of basic training to complex site-specific simulators. Using this, TSC provides a model building and analysis service to validate and optimise the dynamic operation and control of specific process.The high fidelity process model is based on first principle thermodynamic properties.It is designed to match the steady state heat and material balances but with the added dynamic ability the process interactions can be observed.

The Key Benefits include:

  • Lower Capital and operating costs
  • Improved safety control and response
  • Shorter commissioning times
  • Verify control systems
  • Increased process production
  • Improved reliability and availability
  • Better process understanding and ability to handle what-if scenarios
  • Assist in HAZOP closeouts
  • Check the sizing of key equipment
  • Manage Alarms for better operator response

This engineering consultancy is provided for all sectors. Most recently an engineering design study conducted for a major nuclear facility for Sellafield in the UK found a potential dynamic operability weakness that was then optimised out before final commissioning, saving huge costs for the project.