Industrial Process Control IPC 201

IPC 201 is a small scale plant designed to train level, pressure, flow, temperature and process control principles, as used in many process industries with a PC- based DCS-style interface.

Features include:

  • Flow- generated by either a speed controlled pump or by differential pressure pushing water between the reservoir tanks.
  • Level- Control is carried  out in the central reservoir, based on the signal from a differential pressure transducer.
  • Pressure- The side tanks are pressurised whilst the centre tank works at atmospheric pressure.
  • Temperature-The centre reservoir tank includes two Peltier Cells for heating and cooling from 5 degrees C to 30 degrees C.
  • Control Loops
  • Indicators
  • Safety Valves
  • PLC System
  • Digital Meters
  • Fault Finding

For more information please contact us or take a look at the introductory video on the Training and Hardware page 


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