Three Phase Separator TPS 200

TSC have developed this unit to meet the training requirements of standard curriculums from bodies such as OPITO, SQA and City & Guilds. The unit is designed around standard industrial equipment:

  • Cost effective
  • DCS operated using a standard PC
  • Fully functional 3 phase separator
  • Completely safe – uses a non-toxic oil
  • Clear separator vessel system
  • Full visualisation of separation dynamics

An integral OMRON PLC is used to provide signal conditioning and protective ESD functionality, using standard ladder code software.

The system is controlled using a standard PC under Windows, running the world renowned TSC training DCS interface through an industrial OPC connection.

The DCS system allows the user to operate all aspects of the Separator including oil/water/air ratios and the pressure, level and flow control loops. A DCS based ESD with Cause & Effects chart allows start-up and shutdown procedures to be run.

Also available is a full identical dynamic simulation model of the TPS (SIM 9261) which runs on exactly the same DCS graphics and uses the same control system. This model is based on actual equipment in the UK North Sea and uses a typical composition set from an actual oil/gas wellhead. It is controlled through the same TSC style DCS interface. The model allows the effect of separation pressure, feed temperature, and flow/residence time, to be closely understood.

The total educational capability of the system therefore includes all aspects of Three Phase Separation learning, from a highly visual interpretation to an engineering fidelity analysis of the fluid component separation at various flow, temperature and pressure conditions.

In this way, maximum cost effectiveness may be obtained by mixing a classroom set of the Simulation Models with a TPS 200 Hardware unit on a student rota basis.

For more information please take a look at the introductory Video on the Training and Hardware page


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