Bath Time Simulation 1100

Designed to inspire an interest in process for STEM and introductory course levels, this is the simplest of a starter range of basic models relates to common household scenarios in an industrial way. If you can fill your bathtub at home to the right temperature, this is not so far removed from filling an industrial tank. If you can mix flour and yeast to make bread in the right temperature oven (SIM 1130), this is not so far removed from an industrial batch process.

This introductory range of models puts the fun back into learning. And at the same time it introduces students to DCS computer control without them realising that this is what they are using. It is geared to be available at an affordable price, especially in classroom quantities.

The model sets a simple exercise – to fill the bath up to a 30% level at a certain temperature and with a certain proportion of bubble bath, without causing high or low temperature alarms and without using all the available hot water by wastage through the drain.

The TSC Bath Time model initially looks like a very light-hearted simulation. However, both BP and Exxon Mobil use this model extensively for initial evaluation of the way in which prospective local nationals’ control room operators are able to look ahead at a problem, before they undertake training in industrial process and control.

The model runs on a standard PC under Windows. All the controls relate to the home experience, and their operation is explained within a few minutes. The whole model represents batch control, with its associated trends and alarms.

The model includes the User Guide and the exercise instructions as a workbook.


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