Bread Maker (Symbol Graphics) Simulation 1131

Bread Maker with DCS Graphics Simulation 1131 is a fun introduction to running and controlling a process. In this case it is the fundamentals of a rector being introduced.

The model shows a kitchen size bread maker. To start making bread the user must add the correct amount of flour, yeast, salt and water (all ingredients must be added in the correct stoichiometric amount). The mixture must then be agitated for the correct amount of time to allow all the ingredients to combine.

Once the mixture is correct it moved to the proving section of the model where it is allowed to rise. The dough must be proved for the right amount of time at the correct temperature to fully rise. Finally the dough is baked, again it needs to be baked at the correct temperature for the correct amount of time.

At the end of this the model provides an automated score.

All of the above is carried out using standard DCS type control interface items.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to DCS type control.
  • Introduction to control room operation.
  • Introduction to chemical reactions.


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