Gas Separator Simulation 1120

Gas Separator Simulation 1120 shows a multiphase multicomponent feed stream being passed through a water cooled shell and tube heat exchanger.

The fluid is then passed to a horizontal separation vessel where the gas and liquid phases are separated.

The temperature of the stream leaving the heat exchanger is used to control the flow rate of cooling water.

The pressure in the separation vessel is controlled by varying the exit flow of gas.

By modifying the inlet temperature and separator vessel pressure the gas/liquid split can be altered. The model work book contains a self scoring exercise to optimise the gas liquid split.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to vapour/liquid equilibrium.
  • Introduction to 2 phase separation.
  • Problem solving exercise.
  • Introduction to DCS type control.
  • Introduction to control room operation.
  • Introduction to P&ID control.


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