Level Control - Selective Simulation 2108

The TSC Sim 2108 – Selective Level Control Simulation shows a vertical open top vessel being fed with a supply of water. The water exits the vessel through a single line with a valve controlling the flow.

The flow from the vessel is controlled by a flow controller and the level of the water in the vessel is controlled by a level controller

The output from these 2 controllers are high selected meaning the controller giving the larger output is the signal used. This means the controllers will maintain a minimum flow out from the vessel but will also protect against over filling.

The feed to the vessel can be varied by introducing a second flow of liquid to test the effect on the level control system.

Disturbances can be added to the upstream and downstream pressures of the system to allow realistic learning on how the control method responds to the type of disturbances found on a real plant.

The P&ID settings of the controller can be altered to improve the tuning of the controller for the various conditions that can be created.

The simulation includes exercise’s based around the tuning of the level control system.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to mass balance.
  • Introduction to process control.
  • Introduction to liquid head.
  • Introduction to selective control.
  • Introduction to safety systems.


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