Major Emergency Management

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TSC supplies the simulation and systems used by many of the world’s major trainers in Major Emergency Management (MEM) training including Falck Safety, Altor Systems and ASET Academy. We have also supplied for specific centres such as PDO in Oman and the BP Caspian Sea operations.

Each package is tailored to provide a simulation and training environment suited specifically for your training needs, offering first-hand experience in the management of major emergencies.

The Emergency Management Models will run on a standard PC or laptop and ideally be Incorporated in a fully integrated training environment.

This training environment is usually a TSC Virtual Control Room which can consist of:

  • Separate Trainer/Trainee rooms
  • Phone systems for enhancing and practising vital communication skills
  • CCTV and audio capture for competance recording.
  • Audio and visual ques controlled by the instructor to build credible scenarios

Click here for more information on our Virtual Control Rooms.