Operator Training Simulators (OTS)

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TSC's engineering team can offer your facility a complete site specific operator training simulator (OTS) to emulate your process plant.

TSC has a reputation for generating dynamically accurate simulations that represent actual plant systems for Operator Training. TSC has provided BP with many of its site specific control room operator training simulations worldwide, especially for some of its major production facilities in Azerbaijan over the past 8 years. TSC has provided ExxonMobil with all its site specific control room operator training simulators for its process facilities on its giant Sakhalin project.

The many other examples from TSC include offshore platform upgrades for operator training for Talisman, gas storage facility control rooms for UK, and the control room operator training simulator for a new £600M system at the UK’s nuclear plant at Sellafield.

TSC specialises in the emulation of the control screen graphics. Emulated systems from TSC include Emerson DeltaV, ABB, Honeywell, Siemens, Rockwell Automation and others. These allow a cost-effective site simulation solution to be run at very high graphical fidelity on standard Windows PCs, with no ongoing licencing costs.