Unit Operations & Plant Systems

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Dynamic process simulation promotes the understanding of process in the most memorable way. Most processes are made up of a number of common plant items such as vessels, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, separators and columns.

This range of standard items allows the trainee to learn the underpinning knowledge of how each plant item works and is used, and the effect each item has on the flows, levels, pressures and temperatures of the process in isolation. 

The models are based on actual items from our site-specific experience and operate at a full thermodynamic integrity with heat and mass balancing. Where appropriate, multi-component fluids and gases are used in the models, which allows them to respond in a realistic dynamic way. 

Each of the models may be run across its range, from start-up to shut-down, and then into faults and emergency scenarios. The models include full alarm and ESD systems with Cause & Effect displays.

Each model is accompanied by a workbook that is accessible from the model menu bar.

The models are designed to run on standard PCs under Windows. They may be used individually on a single PC basis, or may be networked in classrooms where an instructor can start, monitor and interact with each of the PCs as required.

They may also be run in a Trainer/multi-Trainee situation such as our Virtual Control Room for Control Room Operator training and assessment.