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Virtual Control Rooms (VCR)

TSC has developed the Virtual Control Room in association with training specialists at Shell (UK) Ltd and TTE Teesside, to provide the ultimate training and assessment environment at an affordable cost. The VCR allows both training and competency assessment of procedures and emergency response situations, with video recording and printed monitoring of the trainee performance.









VCR Benefits


virtual reality control room training
Shell Refinery



The VCR improves the effectiveness of both Advanced Generic and Site Specific simulations, by placing the operator in a control room that closely emulates a standard environment.

Used in conjunction with telephone and radio links to create a real-life, high stress situation, the simulation system may be used to inject faults, or to emulate operating sequences. The trainee responses may be fully monitored from a separate room, and certified competence assessments may be given.






Room Layout


The facility layout is arranged for the instructor to be in a separate room, and is able to see the trainees through a one-way glass. The trainees have both radio and telephone communications, and the instructor takes and makes all calls. The Instructor can 'role play' according to the call, acting as Field Operator, or Supervisor of Management, or the fire station, workshop or associated other control rooms to suit the scenario.

virtual reality control room instuctor
Instructor section- Shell Refinery
CATCH Virtual reality control room training
CATCH VCR on Humberside.

The VCR may be built in a standard office room. Each VRCR includes:


  • 4 DCS networked trainee workstations
  • Radio, telephone, sound and video interaction
  • Independent menu based trainer station with full interaction and fault /start up/response capability
  • Menu selected range of TSC simulation models, including site specific or advanced generic simulations.
  • Event logging and sound/video recording for playback and competency assurance.





For further information regarding Virtual Control Rooms or to request a brochure please contact us



UK National Vocational Training Award winners (1999) for the Virtual Control Room used for operator procedure and emergency response training at the Shell Refinery, Stanlow, England



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