Condenser Simulation 3200

Model Description 

The TSC Sim 3200 Condenser Simulation shows the typical arrangement found in the reflux section of a column. The process of gas is passed through a kettle type cooler before collection in a condensation vessel or reflux drum.

The process fluid contains many light hydrocarbons so is passed through tubes cooled by a constant supply of liquid propane. To maintain the temperature of the propane the pressure of the boil off gas is controlled by varying the outlet flow of gas. A constant supply of propane is provided by using a level controller to maintain the level of propane in the vessel.

The multi phase process fluid is then passed to another vessel where any liquids contained in the flow can be separated from the gas. This vessel has level control for the condensed liquid and pressure control for the gas phase.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to phase change.
  • Introduction to heat exchange.
  • Ability to steady the effect of pressure on boiling point.
  • Introduction to 2 phase separation.
  • Introduction to pressure change.
  • Ability to study level and pressure control.
  • Ability to study feed-back control.
  • Ability to study cascade control.


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