Shell & Tube Exchanger - Ratio Cascade Simulation 3222

Model Description

TSC Sim 3222 Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger – Ratio and Cascade Simulation shows the typical arrangement found for a counter current fuel gas heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger is used to heat cold fuel gas from a choice of 2 different supplies with variable temperatures, by transferring heat from a hot oil supply.

The model shows a typical feed-forward ratio and cascade control system.

The heat exchangers heat transfer co-efficient and the heat exchange area of the heat exchanger can be altered.

The feed supply of fuel gas can be varied using hand valves.

The flow of hot oil is controlled by the outlet temperature and fuel gas feed rate via a cascade type control loop.

Learning Areas

  • Introduction to heat exchange.
  • Ability to study the effect of heat transfer co-efficient and heat transfer area on heat exchange.
  • Ability to study the effect of feed temperatures on heat exchange.
  • Ability to study cascade control.


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