Wellhead & Riser Simulation 4610

Model Description

Representative of a simple gas injection well and down stream separation system.

Illustrates the principles of gas injection.

The model contains 2 gas injection wells, a vertical 2 phase separator, a horizontal 3 phase separator and an Emergency Shutdown system.

A fully functional Emergency shutdown system, with Blowdown, Pressure Relief and full Process shutdown.

Each well has adjustable water cut and temperature.

Each well has a slug control system where a gas, water or oil slug can be injected.

The process can be fully stopped and started showing how the system responds to changes well beyond normal operating conditions.

Full composition analysis for each stream on the plant.

Learning Areas

  • Allows a basic introduction into how gas injection wells are managed and operated.
  • Investigate the effect of water cut on well performance and downstream separation operations.
  • Investigate the effects of gas, water and oil slugs on well performance and downstream separation operations.
  • Startup and shutdown of gas injection well systems.
  • Shows the relationship between pressure, temperature, boiling point on stream composition.


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